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Parish Office
This serves as the administrative hub of the parish and as the focus for communication. It is open in the morning from Tuesday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 12 noon and on Friday afternoons until 3 pm.
Parish Administrator: Marion Strachan 703819

Communication Team
This role of this team is to oversee the Parish’s communication and publications. This includes the parish web site, noticeboards in the churches and the Church Centre, posters and newsletters, baptism, wedding and funeral booklets, guides to All Saints and St. Mary’s, information packs and presentations on aspects of the parish’s work and mission.
Team leader: Alistair Robertson

Finance and Standing Committee
Its primary function is to deal with parish finances. i.e. to monitor income and expenditure; to nurture Christian stewardship in the parish; and to prepare the annual budget.

Where necessary, it plays its role as the Standing Committee by transacting the business of the PCC between its meetings, subject to any directions given by the Council.

Brian Frost
Pauline Tyers
Peter Mayer
Brian Jelley
Steve Watkins

Assistant Treasurers
Gordon Harris - Planned Giving Officer
Brian Tettmar

Buildings Committee

  1. To manage on behalf of the PCC, the two historic churches with their grounds and All Saints Church Centre.
  2. To carry out the works required during the five years following the Quinquennial inspections and other works required by PCC policy.
  3. To arrange the repair, maintenance, cleaning, heating and insurance of the three buildings within its delegated budget or as specifically approved by the PCC, or its Finance and Standing Committee. To specify works, seek tenders and make recommendations to the PCC as required.
  4. To supervise the implementation of works authorised by the PCC, and also to arrange any necessary approvals in relation to faculties, archdeacon’s certificates, planning consents, building regulations, conservation restrictions and Tree Preservation Orders.
  5. To recommend changes in fees and supervise the letting of All Saints Church Centre and the obtaining of the annual licence together with the necessary certificates of Fire and Electrical safety. To ensure that there is compliance with the requirements of the Performing Rights Society and all statutory regulations.
  6. To liaise with Hartley Parish Council concerning its financial contribution to agreed works within the closed churchyard of All Saints.
  7. To arrange for the maintenance of the grounds and churchyards of the three buildings

Chairman: Steve Watkins

Fete Committee
The members of this committee have the responsibility of organising the annual parish fete to raise funds for the running of the parish. The fete is held at Church Meadow, Fawkham, on the second or third Saturday of June.
Fete chairman: Jim Colwell

Christmas Fayre Team
This team organises the annual Christmas Fayre which is held in All Saints’ Church Centre on the third or fourth Saturday of November.
Co-ordinator: Carole Harris

Honorary Vergers
The role of the vergers is to keep a watchful eye on the fixtures and furnishings of our two historic churches, to keep the pages of the Books of Remembrance turned to the right date, and to liaise with the Deputy Wardens in preparation for Sunday and mid-week services.

The Friends of All Saints, Hartley
Function: To assist in the preservation and repair of the fabric of the church and the upkeep of the churchyard. (Registered charity number 286204)
Chairman: Stephen Crowe

The Association of Friends of the Church of St. Mary, Fawkham
Function: To assist in the care, maintenance and preservation of the church of St. Mary, Fawkham. (Registered charity no. 1028026)
Chairman: Christopher Proudfoot

All Saints’ Church Centre Booking Secretary
Marion Strachan 704972

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Rev'd Adele Barker

The Rectory
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Phone: 01474 703819

Parish Office
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Phone: 01474 630459

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