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Some parents want to bring their children to church, but are fearful of disturbing others. I want to affirm that children are always welcome at our 10.30 a.m. service at the Church Centre. Bringing your children to church is something you can do as a family. Your child will soon gain a sense of familiarity with the various parts of the service, and with this will come a sense of security and of being loved and cared for by God and his people.

Let me share with you a few hints to make this hour on Sunday morning a happy and relaxed time for you and your child.

* By your own attitude show that you are
   looking forward to the service as
   something special. If you are tense, this
   will be communicated to your child.

* If both Mum and Dad go to the service,
   take it in turns to deal with a restless

* Accept the fact that both parents will not
   be able to concentrate completely on the

* Church can be a good time for a cuddle -
often this is valued by the child as a time
   when Mum and Dad sit with him or her.

* If you know your child is likely to be
  lively, sit near the door to the Parish Room
  so that you can easily slip out for a while
  and play with the toys there.



* Be prepared for the odd failure.
   Sometimes a child will be so disruptive
   and unhappy that you will have to give up
   and take him or her out. But don’t let this
   put you off - try again.

* Have one or two special books and quiet
   toys that only come out at church time. (A
   noisy fire engine or building blocks are
not a good idea!)

* As your child gets older encourage him or
   her to take part in the children’s
   activities during the service. We have a
  class especially for under 5s. You may
   want to accompany your child in these
   activities for the first couple of Sundays
   until they get used to it.

* Having other friends they know in the
   Sunday Club helps children to settle in
   quickly and feel at home, so why not invite
   friends from toddler group, pre-school or
   school to come with you!

It is worth persevering because familiarity with church is a gift that you can give to your child which they will always remember, and they may someday pass it on to your grandchildren!


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